The Gospel is God's power of salvation at work in the world. What is the gospel? It is the good news about Christ that is so good to be true. But what is this good news about? It tells us how God makes us right in his sight. God has taken up the responsibility of... Continue Reading →

Polygamy, Concubines & Adultery

Someone asked "George, if adultery means having sex with someone who isn't your spouse, why didn't God have Abraham and the rest have multiple wives and even concubines who are like side chics. Please help throw more light on this." My Answer... The Bible's definition of adultery is not what many of us make out... Continue Reading →

How To Live A Quality Christian Life

God knows that you aren't a "superman", he didn't make any "superman" anywhere. So, while we can use the word "superman" for certain kinds of attributions, it doesn't exist in a literal sense. We are all human beings who are full of weaknesses and flaws. We all have our struggles and some struggle with addictions.... Continue Reading →

Why The Fuss About Mutual Submission By Christian Men?

Ideally, there shouldn't be any argument at all about mutual submission. Two adults in a relationship should hold each other accountable, serve one another, love one another and cherish one another. These are two adults in a relationship and not a father and daughter relationship. Imagine an educated woman in a marriage where her opinion... Continue Reading →

Submission Isn’t Primarily A Gender Role

More on submission in marriage… There is a danger in trying to interpret everything we read in the Bible that was written more than 6000 and 2000 years ago using a modern understanding of words. It’s more dangerous when we isolate texts in the Bible from the rest of the other following or preceding texts.... Continue Reading →


Many Christian men, unfortunately, have a very poor understanding of submission in marriage. First, God didn't command women to SUBMIT in marriage as an exclusive right of the man. It's not in the Bible! Submission in marriage is not a coercion. Submission IS NOT a man's EXCLUSIVE right. Unfortunately, very wrong teachings on submission have... Continue Reading →

11 Ways To Grow A Church Assembly or Ministry

Do this and your ministry will experience tremendous and consistent growth. "It's easier said than done."But when you go the harder route of doing it, you would attain a remarkable outcome. You've been doing ministry for 20 years and your Church hasn't thrived beyond the regular 200 people. Then all of a sudden, you see... Continue Reading →

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