Life is Competition

Survival on earth is entirely competition. You may not be in competition with anyone but you are in competition with everyone. Many times, life gives us at least one opportunity to score, if we haven't rightly positioned ourselves, we may miss it. There are billions of people in the world and there are always millions... Continue Reading →

GENDER INEQUALITY | Discussing Further

I was having a conversation, or debate rather, with someone when he said that the Bible clearly supports what we know today as patriarchy. We had to go to various places in the Bible and he was short of words because everything he had thought the Bible says were things he read into the Bible.... Continue Reading →

Short Story | Sex On A Sunday

Beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun was grinning at its best with usual junctures of cloud movements that momentarily passed under the sun helping to keep a balance. Adaku had just returned from Church, humming to the choruses of the choir renditions while removing her earrings. She sauntered to her mirror-stand to keep her jewellery but... Continue Reading →

Dreams & Interpretation | Dealing With Bad Dreams

We all dream, we all see certain things in the dream and sometimes dreams come true, many times it doesn't. The big question has always remained "is dreams the way God speaks to us?" Should bad dreams worry us? Let's see what the Bible says "Let the prophet who has a dream recount the dream,... Continue Reading →

Someday, you’ll be memory

A few years back, I was sitting with my fellow young people in Church as a youth leader and I said to them "Don't get scared of people leaving you, this is life. Don't be afraid of change, it is bound to happen. People will come, people will go. One day, all of us may... Continue Reading →

Led By The Spirit – Sonship

Every part of God's word is very profound but there are places that stand out for me! One of such places is Romans 8:14 "For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God" There is a way you might read the above and you miss the point. It... Continue Reading →

Hushpuppi, Invictus Obi and Others – Smart or Ruthless?

While I don't comment on every social issues, there are ones I always feel I need to talk about. Hushpuppi is all over the news for internet fraud and before him, many others has been busted. The disturbing part of this is the growing appeal people are having towards fraud. I remember the day I... Continue Reading →

Living in Bondage & Otokoto Riot 1996

Okay, let's do something different today. I am very late to the Living in Bondage sequel party but I've got some things to share after watching the movie. This isn't usually my kind of post but I felt it would still be good to stay on my diary for record pu I read a post... Continue Reading →

Marriage Is Not Ponzi Scheme

"Life is a risk, we must take risk after all." We usually hear people say this and it may seem to be true in the world of business. But on marriage? This doesn't apply! Don't marry on this note. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and that is why it is very important not to enter... Continue Reading →

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