Podcast| Relax! God is your friend

How about those times you failed? Those times you got rejected? Those times you got betrayed? Those times you feel depressed and so much anxiety? I don’t know the level of your challenges but all I do know is that you can actually manage that situation! You can stay afloat in God and relax your mind even if things seem not to be walking.

In this teaching, I passionately preached and taught on handling those tough times. Believe me, this is timely and this is just that word you have been waiting for!

Many times I see myself listening to this teaching over and over again! I often forget it is my own voice I am hearing because I get inspired and motivated each time I listen to it. Like I have always done, most of my resources are free and you can get this teaching at no cost!

You can plug it into your ear and charge up yourself while you get busy with other day activities and it comes with simplicity and accuracy!

Listen for free!

Listen & Download for free!

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