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I had a stressful day the previous day, going through the herculean task of getting to Lagos, attending long hours of meeting the same day and going back to my base in Anambra State the next day as early as possible! Normally, flight would have been the best option to be able to meet up but it wasn’t well planned and entirely out of my itinerary… It was emergency!

But, I was able to meet up! You couldn’t believe that, I couldn’t believe it too! Somehow, I had given up on going till after some persuasion! Let me tell you how emergent it was… I got convinced to go to Lagos around 9pm and by 4am the next day I was already set for the move… Difference of few hours! There was this will power that rose out of me the moment I was convinced, my mind was the only thing that needed to be captured to do things which I felt was not possible. At first I was weak to make that move, I felt it wasn’t necessary and I relaxed… The only thing that had that power to get me off my feet was myself, I just needed to be convinced in order to get my body ready!

I arrived Lagos around the afternoon times, I was a couple hour late but there was still a long way to go and I never missed a thing except the exquisite lunch they had! The meeting ended by 12:30am the next day, we had breaks in between the sections so it wasn’t as bad as you thought!

By 6:00am I had left the venue for the park. My head was kinda busy with thoughts that missed its way flying in and out of my head, I didn’t know what it was but perhaps the entire stress was getting down on me and I needed to get it relaxed! My eyes still had lust for sleep, my body was also telling me “you ate little yesterday, you need a breakfast!” I was a bit relaxed after speaking with my “partner” and then I sighted a Nescafe kiosk! Aha! Perhaps that will do for the morning!

I had enjoyed the coffee halfway when I started admiring the design of the cup… I love simple but very creative designs. It had just a background of plain black, an illustration in red and texts in white. As a graphics designer, such things get my attention faster and I wondered why it didn’t get my attention as soon as I received the cup… Perhaps because my mind had visits of flying thoughts that missed their way! “This is just good” I whispered to myself as I revolved the cup to see a captivating and very inspiring text which says “the most powerful person on earth is you!”

Okay! That was enough inspiration for the morning! I started entertaining some flashing thoughts that followed. You, yes you were the reason Jesus came to earth, died and resurrected! Jesus didnt come specifically for Bill Gate or Billy Graham, He was on earth having you in mind! That alone shows you’re a very powerful being, more powerful than you could ever imagine. The psalmist mused “who am I that you’re mindful of me?” And God said to Jeremiah “Before you were formed, I knew thee by name!” Come to think of that! You aren’t what your background defined you as or what your ethnicity or color said of you! It doesn’t matter if you came from a terrorist stricken background in the poorest part of northern Nigeria, you’re the greatest person on earth!

Great people are called great simply because they were able to identify the greatness in them and push it out! Meanwhile, people don’t even have to call you great before you know you are a great person or know you have achieved something great! Once you’re fulfilling purpose, it doesn’t matter if you’re a global icon or not… Somehow you are helping change the world! When we talk about changing the world, we are talking about impacting the people who make it up! The Bible says God so loved the world! It was talking about the things He has made and not the corrupt systems in this world!

Your own life is greatly influenced by your own choices! You choose to live or die, you choose to succeed or fail! It all boils down to your own choice! In your own world, you’re the world’s greatest because only your decisions matter! One might say, how then can God’s will come to pass in my life? Well, God is almighty but He isn’t sovereign in the sense that we put it, He gives room for our own choice! He only establishes a principle and throw light in that path, that we may walk therein and succeed but He doesn’t force us! Joshua said to them “choose you today who to serve!” But wait a minute… God saved them from Egypt and demanded worship from them and yet they still had a choice to choose! They were either destroyed or made by their own choices.

Nobody will push you into doing something! They can only convince you but its you who decides what to do! The biggest motivation you have is yourself! Have you ever tried doing something and you succeeded? It motivates you to do more! When Herod got James killed and saw it was pleasing to the Jews, he sought to do more! Same happens positively… See, yourself matters more than anybody else when it comes to choices!

This is why, you have to learn to forgive yourself, learn to love yourself, learn to make great choices for yourself because you matter! Well Nescafe added that greatness begins with a cup of “Nescafe”… That’s their own marketing propaganda! I have a product I market too and I have a truth to share and not some marketing propaganda… Greatness begins with identifying yourself in Jesus! God made you, He knows how well to get you into doing the amazing thing He designed you to do! Jesus is God manifested in the form of a man and the choice of making Him your Lord and savior opens you up to a world of limitless possibilities! It begins with just repenting of your trust in yourself and trusting wholly on Jesus saying thus “Lord Jesus, I accept you today as my own Lord and saviour! My trust in you is without borders. I receive your Holy Spirit and I am born again!”

It is that simple! Then, you proceed to discovering who you are and what you can do in God’s word written down as the Bible. No other book contains God’s word as the Bible! They may have high moral instructions but God’s word is beyond mere rules concerning codes and conducts. You’ll see how much God’s word can transform you!

In the light of who you are, begin to take actions for yourself! Always know that you’re responsible for your wrong and right actions! Always know that your decisions matter a lot and its only you who can pull out the greatness in you out for the world to see! You’ll gradually see yourself loosing appetite for certain addictions as days goes by and as long as you keep filling your mind with God’s word which helps you grow into a spiritual man!

I can confidently say to the hearing of everyone “I am the worlds greatest!” I don’t know about you but there can always be many world greatest! Don’t just stay out of the list!

God bless you

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