What if COVID-19 is God’s judgement?

You must have heard some folks say that the recent upsurge of Coronavirus is the expression of God’s anger on earth but let’s tackle this with common sense.

Does it make any sense that God’s anger is so cowardly that it targets only the aged and those whose immune systems are so weak to fight the virus? Does it mean strong immune systems are stronger than God’s judgement?

If coronavirus is God’s judgement, what a weakling of a God he is whose judgement can be hindered by humans. Aren’t these folks who called it God’s judgement supposed to partner with God and enjoy it while it last? Why should they be praying against the same thing they supposed is God’s judgement. Is God so unwise that he can’t differentiate between his allies and his enemies?

What if COVID-19 is God’s judgement on sin?

God already expressed his anger on sin by the death of Jesus on the cross and expressed his love for man by not condemning man because of sin. Although the wages of sin is death,  Jesus already paid the price. If Coronavirus is God’s judgment on sin, then Jesus Christ is a joke. But, Jesus is not a joke and Coronavirus is not God’s judgment on sin.

What if COVID-19 is God’s strategic way of bringing the world to an end?

The God who would want to use COVID-19 to end the world would be such an unintelligent god. The fatality rate of the so-called “judgement from God” is only 20% which means that 80% of patients are likely to recover. In the past, the world recorded even much more severe pandemics that killed more than 200 million people. Does it means God’s several attempts to end the world was stopped by humans?

What if COVID-19 was created in the lab?

Fake news, unverified stories and other falsified and assumed information being dished out as regards to COVID-19 is worse than the disease itself. COVID-19 is a real disease which has left scores of people dead with death tolls rising on a daily basis.

Many people believe that the recent pandemic was made in the lab but is it likely to be true? Is it logical at all to think that COVID-19 otherwise known as SARS-Cov-2 was made in the lab?

The first coronavirus was discovered as far back as 1965 and was named B814. Have you heard about MERS-cov & SARS-Cov-1? These two are very closely related to COVID-19 and have existed for years with origin from bats. This is not to rubbish what anyone has said but for me, it is entirely not logical. Does it mean such bioweapons were created since 1965? Does it mean similar outbreaks like MERS-cov & SARS-Cov-1 were all bioweapons?

Malaria, for example, is a zoonotic disease and couldn’t have been engineered in the lab, the same could be said of HIV and other various diseases that originated from animals and insects. If SARS-Cov-2 was engineered in the lab, wouldn’t it also be safe to think that malaria was engineered in the lab? But does it make any sense?

The world has experienced even worst outbreaks like the cholera pandemic (1817–1824), the Spanish flu of 1914 which left 50 million people dead and so many others wouldn’t have been said to be bioweapons, how is SARS-CoV-2 any different?

One thing is sure, we have always come out stronger after every pandemic and this too will pass. Stick to every precautionary measure, stay indoor as much as you can, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, stay very hopeful, prayerful and proactive. Always be aware that God feels every bit of our pains but he has blessed us with wisdom to manage it and delegated to us the ability to take care of this world.


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