Another way to look at failure

Failure, sometimes are a stepping stone but failure can also be an indication of incompetence on our part. Some of the opportunities we failed at were opportunities that someone else turned to diamond! You may be surprised where some people would have gotten to if they had the same opportunity you had.

Failure could just be a means to success but failure can also be a pointer. We often choose to neglect where these failures are pointing to and dismiss it as “life just happens”. Most of us don’t like taking responsibility for our shortcomings. If your failure will become your stepping stone, you must take responsibility for it, acknowledge it and learn from it. You can’t learn from it when you are pretending like it never happened or like you don’t know why it happened.

Sometimes, when things aren’t just working for you, don’t just think it might work out someday and relax yourself waiting for the day it will work. It may never get to work if you do not become intentional about your life or figure out what is making it not to work.

Do a self-appraisal. Ask yourself questions that only you know the answer to. Things won’t change until you decide to change things.

Investigate your lifestyle and excesses, are they in any way contributing to your failures? Investigate your relationship with others, are they distractions or additions to you? Check your commitment to your own life, are you committed to yourself?

Unfortunately, many people think they are committed to themselves, they think that buying themselves good clothes and spending money unnecessarily means they are being committed to themselves. I believe to be committed to yourself means to devote time to making yourself better at every point in time.

What trainings are you giving yourself, what savings are you making for yourself, what investments are you making for yourself?

Some people treat themselves the same way a bad friend will treat them. A bad friend cannot help you establish a business but he will take you to the club and spend money on you for drinks and women but he will never make that money available to you because he wants to be in control of you.

Don’t treat yourself that way, don’t give yourself expensive “poisons” in the name of drinking “Hennessey” when you know that your pocket isn’t large enough to accommodate such expenditure.

Don’t give yourself over to women who don’t care about you and your future when you haven’t invested in your personal development. Guard your heart jealously, guard your dreams jealously. It often takes a simple misstep to fail for life.

So, next time you reminisce those failures, don’t just think that life happened to you, you may have been the one who happened to yourself.

Regardless, I call you blessed.

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