THE HIGHER LIFE AMPLIFIED 1 | Unveiling the shocking truth about who you are in Christ.

You are just like God. The difference between you and God is that He is God and you are born of Him. You are recreated to become just like God and it happened from the day you declared Jesus as your Lord and savior. (Ephesians 4:24) You share in God’s exact holiness and righteousness. Truly, your flesh maybe African or American but that isn’t your true reality, your born again Spirit is of God. It doesn’t become your reality because you go to Church but because you have been born of God. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:17 that the believer in Christ is one with God.
Defining yourself as a human being have certain limitations, your real definition as a believer in Christ Jesus is that you are just like God. Isn’t this why Jesus said we will do what He do? Because we have the same ability supplied in our Spirit.
This will lead us into learning the operations of God so that we can do likewise and achieve the same result in any given issue. God speaks forth things into existence even they were not and this means we ought to watch our mouth and speak only good things. What we say matters to a very high degree! I mean that our words have weight and occupy space! It is by the confession of what Jesus did for your salvation that it becomes reality. The things that are so important in the realm of the Spirit are so simple. As someone who functions like God, the first thing you must watch is what you say. Your words can bring you condemnation and it can bring you justification. In Colossians 4:6 we are encouraged to season our words with grace. Why? Because our words are powerful and active.
We see in James 3:1-2 that the maturity of a believer is measured in words because that is when we gain mastery of being responsible in what we speak. If you keep identifying with humanity you keep suffering what humans suffer but the moment you start identifying with your divine nature, you scale through and speak good things over your life. The life of God in us becomes operative by what we say! As you learn God’s word, you put it into operation by confessing it. We came in the resurrection of Jesus and therefore everything Jesus said concerning his life after resurrection applies to us and we ought to speak those words over our lives. Jesus defeated Satan as man, Jesus wore humanity to defeat the devil therefore on our behalf and with us in him Satan got defeated and the fallen humanity died and the new creature came to be! We don’t need to keep meddling with what is dead, it will profit us nothing!

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