Reckless Love

Often times I get very emotional when I reminisce about God’s love. I’d rather describe it as reckless, I would call it a reckless hunter who hunts without reserve. He isn’t hunting to kill, He is hunting to save. How would I have felt if it were my own creations running from me, how would I have reacted when I realize that the freedom of choice I gave them seemed to have been used against me? Well, I don’t think what gets me worried gets God worried and somehow I have realized He judges with fire in His eyes and this fire isn’t about destruction, it is a fire of love. I would be right to say that God is madly in love with what His own hands and words have made! He made all things, that’s right but He made man especially for the sake of His love. Of all things He made, it is only the man could enjoy the breath of God and only the man was given the privilege to enjoy God’s authority over all the earth.

It is unfortunate that man took God’s kindness for granted, rebelled against God and carelessly transferred some degree of power on earth to God’s enemy but God’s overwhelming, never-ending and reckless love couldn’t give up on the man.

Eden, oh! Beautiful Eden!

A place of God’s presence, a place where heaven touches the earth but guess what? I am sure you know. Sin drove the man out of God’s presence, the man was chasing after what was not needed, after a knowledge that doesn’t exist, a knowledge the devil proposed. What man didn’t meditate on was that he is made in God’s image. Outside God’s presence, man became hostile to his helpmeet, the man had to suffer for every single thing he ever wanted and it seemed like the end. Spiritually, the man was disconnected from his life source, the man was dead! God warned man but man couldn’t heed to that warning. It was justifiable to destroy man, death was a justifiable sentence…

But He didn’t give up on us. As much as we never deserved His attention again, He came running after us. His hunting mode became activated, we never cared, we kept running but He kept chasing after us. For thousands of years, He hasn’t stopped. Like the reckless hunter that He is, He chases us right through the thick forest, up towards the mountain, down towards the valley, right into the sea and in the underworld!

What exactly is it that we have He is looking for? Who are we that He is so mindful of us? Does it mean we have a kind of praise or worship songs the Angel couldn’t sing? Does it mean we could do it better than Lucifer? Does it mean we revere God more than the Angels and the twenty-four elders do? Not at all! But He just loves us like that, He loves our frailty like that and wants to be our strength! More than a man chases after his lover, God chases after us! To Him, every single soul counts, every single soul matters and He said: “I so much love them, even in their weakness!”

How do we measure such a love where the lover gave Himself up? How much do we measure such a love where the lover paid our entire debts of sin? Carrying our own burden to the cross even as we cursed and spat on Him, yet He uttered no word! What exactly was pushing Him? It was love, reckless love! He is running after everyone with His hands wide open to accept anyone who is willing for His embrace.

Nothing has the capacity of changing His reckless love! What can stop Him from loving man this way? Is it death, life, angels, principalities, powers or things that are yet to come? If nothing made Him love us this way, nothing can convince Him out of loving us! He lights up every darkness, climbs the pick of every mountain, tearing down every wall, kicking down every warrior and slaying every beast in His pursuit for us! He keeps coming after every man, a love that doesn’t give up! He has chased us for thousands of years and lo! and behold, He is right behind you, coming after you! What a reckless love of God!

Yes, Eden! You remember Eden? Though man left Eden, Eden came back to the man in a greater way! In the form of a human, God came to us and He was called “God with us” but He went beyond being with us and made us a place of dwelling! His Spirit is resting and abiding with us! Now, the beautiful Eden (God’s presence) is with us! Only reckless love can do this…

Aren’t you ready for this? How long will you keep running? Can’t you turn around and embrace this awesome lover? He who left His throne and came down as a man in pursuit of you, is this not enough? Whether you feel like it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you say yes or no, He is right behind you, coming after you!

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